Why Green Project Solutions.

Our Value Proposition

1. We have highly skilled professionals and licensed engineers to work on your project. Our team coordinates with all stakeholders at every phase of the project from conceptual through design, construction and closeout. We have zero tolerance for professional negligence.

2. GPSG is a small business certified by Washington State OMWBE as (MBE), Federal as (DBE), King County (SCS) and the City of Tacoma SB – these certifications provide competitive advantage for large firms seeking to meet their small business inclusive goals. Other certifications in progress for GPSG includes Federal Section 8(a) and HUB Zone SetAsides.

3. Outsourcing engineering design and drafting to our firm will help you to significantly reduce overhead expenses including the amount of revenue spent on engineering-related services especially for Design-Build companies.

4. Our MEP department focuses exclusively on engineering design services using the most recent, cutting-edge technology.

5. Hiring us means less office space requirement for you. A major advantage of outsourcing engineering services is the reduction in the amount of office space that you will require.

6. Customers are constantly demanding efficiency, cost-saving and timely delivery of their projects. We don’t make excuses; we simply do what we promise on time and on budget. We’re working around the clock to complete your project so you can meet your client’s expectation.

7. Ability to use our services on as-needed basis means cost savings to your organization. The demand for engineering services is not constant. Fluctuations in demands for services can present a challenge to a company, especially if the business is smaller in size. Bottlenecks can arise in periods of high demand while engineering staff continue to receive full-time pay even during off service peak.

Having accurate Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection design drawings is crucial to making sure all your systems are designed right and that they are working properly. HVAC and electrical systems need to be properly planned, designed and installed to ensure the buyer’s comfort and safety.

MEP coordination service is the standardization of all the building services with other systems that produce the building fabric, structure and external case (steel, concrete, etc.). The building services involve HVAC, i.e., heating, ventilation and air conditioning. So, we:

❖ Collaborate with the design team and architect to address constructability issues. In other words, we make sure your MEP fits.

❖ Use Virtual Design and Construction to test the constructability of the design, determine whether the MEP design makes sense for your building and whether it can be operated and maintained properly.

❖ Work closely with our Pre-Construction Team to catch issues before they become costly issues.


Our MEP coordination services offer client the following benefits:

  • We utilize Revit BIM Software to eliminate chances clashes between architectural and engineering disciplines
  • Ensures that the team members address all spatial issues before the final model is created.
  • Prevents delays and disputes at site since it helps prove the working of all the services beforehand
  • Minimize risk and saves cost

As you can see, MEP coordination services are essential to ensuring quality and cost-effective construction. Coordinating early on will avoid many potential conflicts thus reducing project waste. The ability to more accurately predict project cost allows for a more competitive bid. We at GPSG offers MEP design and coordination services for projects of any size



  • A strong customer-centric focus.
  • A high sense of accountability and commitment to a high-quality work product.
  • A detail oriented, strong and consistent communication.
  • Expertise in interpreting, understanding and communicating design process and development to our client
  • Teamwork and strong professional work relationship focusing on solution and cost savings
  • Long-term best value focus with sustainability, LEED and Green project design and delivery

Other MEP Engineering Services

  • Feasibility Report
  • Third Party Reviews
  • Comprehensive MEP design package and review
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Inspection
  • Commissioning
  • Construction administration
  • Cost Estimate & project control
  • Value Engineering and Constructability review